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  1. Primary objective helps us to understand God (soul) and to liberate our soul from the materialistic world and reunite with God.

  2. Secondary objective is to reveal past, present and future of an object and thus finding out best natural course by identifying one’s actual strength and weaknesses.

  3. Third objective is to offer remedial measures to eliminate the problems in one’s life.


The above statement may look in contradiction with each other. In other words, if everything is pre-destined than what is the use of doing remedial measures? Does this mean that astrologer can eliminate problems and change the destiny?

Answer is no. If we look into more specific case, astrology tells us that it was pre-destined to meet with astrologer and thus getting rid of problems suggested by an astrologer.

This leads to another important question. Does it mean that everything is pre-destined and we have no control on our destiny? Vedic astrology tells us that we do have free will but is limited by our past karma (accumulated past physical or mental action)

The philosophy of Vedic astrology is based on karma which is the law of cause and effect. Our past karma gives us correct result and thus influences our future karmas too. There are 3 types of karmas.

  1. Sanchita karma (the accumulated works): It is also known as collective karma. It stores all karmic account from previous or past life.

  2. Prarabdha karma (the fructifying works): It is portion of karma (accumulated past physical or mental action) which is responsible for the present circumstances and body. It is ripe for reaping and only experience, yoga and meditation can exhausts it.

  3. Kriyamana karma (the current works): It is that karma (accumulated past physical or mental actions) which is now being made for the future.

In astrology, there are seven planets, which reveal our karmas in past, present and future. The human body is called Pinda (microcosms) and it is a miniature duplicate of Brahmanda (macrocosms). Seven planets are manifestations of God and these planets manifest themselves in us. Seven planets are located at seven chakras of human spine.

Apart from these seven spiritual planets, we also have two shadow planets, which are known as Rahu (ascending node or dragon head) and Ketu (descending node or dragon tail).

It is interesting to note that we have Seven Grahas (planets), Seven chakras (subtle spiritual energy points), Seven colors (VIBGYOR), Seven musical notes and Seven seas.




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