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As a Vedic astrologer, I would like to show the map of your life in wider way.

My intention is to make my client aware about his / herself so that they can align themselves. In the light of truth, astrological based advice will bring a deeper understanding of your life and will guide you to understand yourself and thus achieve the result you deserve. I as a Vedic Astrologer or Jyotishi and Astro Consultant, love to help those who need a helping hand in times of need by providing vedic astrology consultation.

There a lots of people who cannot afford expensive remedies. So in Jyotish, there are remedies for everyone.  I advice alternative remedies to those who cannot afford costly gems that can provide help to them. I know it is your Karmic Account. So, I cannot change it but I can help you to understand it. If you can understand yourself then you will be in a position to do something about it.

There are numerous seekers who cannot afford very costly astrological reading. Astrology is not intended for commercial exploitation. It is a pure service of humanity which helps human being. Astrology can serve good purpose in times of crisis and difficulties.

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