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Dr Sheetal Dev (London UK)

Manojji is best Vedic Astrologer in UK. I never believed in astrology before but his accurate astrological prediction of my birth chart made me believe in this ancient science. Your advice and guidance has helped me a lot and your remedies has boost up my confidence. Thank you very much.

Hi Manoj, It’s been great to meet you and being guided by you. Your knowledge of astrology, spirituality and pranayama has been extremely helpful. Thanks

Andrew Charabalambous (London UK)

Anita Raj (Leicester, UK)

Namaste Manojji, You have been wonderful in your profession. I spoke to you on TV and my dilemma and confusion became clear after your advice. I have already told my friends and family about you. Thank you once again sir for your help.

Jaswant Singh (London UK)

Sat Sri Akal Manoj Saheb. Aap ki salaah aur upaayo se main bahut khush hu. Mere bahut se bigade kaam ko banana main aapse madad mili. Vahe Guru aapko sada khush rakhe.

Dear Manojji, You are amazing astrologer. I was going through a very confusing period and consulted many astrologers. They aid to further confusion. I did not know which way to go. By flicking through channels, I saw you on Sunrise TV. After watching your show, it gave me hope to phone you on live show. Your predictions and advice were amazing and it resolved my problems. I became clear and lighter after speaking to you. You are doing great job. Please carry on. Allah bless you!

Badrin Azam (Reading UK)

Margo Cargill (London UK)

Hi Sir, I met you in 1999 at Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. I was impressed by your thorough knowledge on astrology and predictions of my chart. I felt, you are different from other astrologers. You help restless people with knowledge of Yoga and Pranayama. God bless you!

Dear Manojji, My friend gave me your number and I contacted you for my astrological reading. Your advice helped me from serious problem. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you

Mr Kuldeep Singh (Germany)

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