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The birth chart or the natal chart of a person is known as horoscope. When a person is born, the position and movements of the stars and planets around the sun during the time and place of his / her birth determine his / her horoscope. According to twelve rising sign (zodiac sign), there are twelve different horoscopes and the analysis of these different horoscopes signs in a person’s birth chart determines his future.

Your horoscope is a map of your life. Full reading of one’s birth chart describes one’s life and effect which cover all aspects of one’s life. Example: Marriage, health, longevity, career, family relation, children, relation with kids, business, loss or gain, which area is beneficial to work, what kind of career is suitable, vimsottari dasha (it is planetary period effect which can be positive or negative)The three most important things while preparing horoscopes are time of birth, place of birth and date of birth; the accuracy of these three things are very important if you want to get the correct horoscope. In order to do well in the field of astrology, it is very important to read the horoscopes correctly.

There are daily horoscopes, monthly, weekly and annual horoscopes according to transit period of planets. The twelve different astrological signs have their generalized predictions, a person born under a particular month may belong to a particular zodiac sign and thereon he can have the knowledge about his horoscope. This one is a more generalized formula which can predict the future of all the people born under a particular horoscope sign. But in order to get a detailed version and gain more accurate knowledge about your destiny you need to have your horoscope prepared and analyzed by an astrologer.

The twelve different star signs have four different elements and a person at the time of his birth falls under the influence of a particular element, depending upon his astrological sign which later on determines that person’s characteristics. Earth, water, air and fire are the four elements of matter and these elements influence the life of a person. Example: a person born under the influence of fire element will automatically be short tempered and impulsive, an earth element will make one strong and solid, stubborn too at times, air is more the element of intelligence and creativity while water is just adaptability and industriousness.


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